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Full Microsoft application using:

  • Windows 2003 Server
  • .Net v2, C#
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Office Integration

This petrolian factory located in France needed a new logistics application in order to manage goods deliveries. 

This application manages all truck transportations (expedition/reception) as well as the whole transaction cycle from ERP (SAP) to industrial onsite equipment (access control and weighing bridges).



Main functionalities

  • Truck Access Control (barrier with badge reader)
  • Management of reception desk
  • Management of guard desk
  • Management of loading controller
  • Automatic and Manual truck calling system based on availability in loading areas
  • Weighing Bridge Interface
  • On-Line’ bidirectional communication with SAP
  • Alarm Administration
  • Reporting & Statistics


This application manages the following devices

  • 3 entries (2 with weighing bridges)
  • 2 internal weighing bridges
  • 2 displays for truck calling
  • about 20 concurrent users (controllers, guards, counters, back office, administrator, ...)


This is the main screen of the application allowing a multi criteria search of all truck transactions.


This picture shows the room where drivers register and wait for autorization to access the site. Their badge number is automatically displayed when a loading area becomes free. 
An entrance controller is in charge of physical check of the truck based on a check list.