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  • Java (Applets Swing, Servlets) + Oracle JDeveloper
  • Oracle 8i Database with Oracle Internet Application Server (IAS)
  • PL/SQL Developer + TOAD
  • LISP for the translation machines
  • RSA encryption technology + SSL for security issues
  • Sun Solaris + Windows NT & 2000
  • Visual Sourcesafe for Source Management

Xplanation is an advanced translation technology and translation services provider with headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. They aim at combining the language processing capabilities of humans and machines to produce better, faster, more consistent and more cost-efficient translations.

The Lantmaster Project involved the development and implementation of a full multi-tiers application that allows checking a whole document against a pre-defined set of Controlled Language Checking rules and to make modifications to each sentence contained in that document. 

The purpose of these modifications being to achieve a status conformant to a predefined controlled language definition, that aims to increase readability, retrievability and translability of the document.

Lantmaster IS Application checks English documents against a set of writing rules, in order to make them consistent and easy to understand and translate.

For example, rules can limit the length of sentences to no more than 25 words, or limit the number of clauses. A writing style guide for controlled language can dictate specific wording for boilerplate text that is used repeatedly to introduce figures, procedures, or other component of a document.

Today, 62 rules are implemented in the Controller, in six categories:

  • Sentences
  • Word order
  • Verbs
  • Grammatical completeness
  • Punctuation
  • Terminology 

The application allows the user to manage controlled language workflows and operate modifications on each sentence to achieve controlled english conformity.