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NOTAM Related Projects

xNOTAM AIXM Schema Development

This project covers the following tasks:

  • xNOTAM XML schema design analysis
  • The update of the AIXM Primer document in order to reflect the xNOTAM Schema Design Principles
  • Development of the AIXM business rules validation schema
  • Development of a subset of the new xNOTAM schema, covering a selected list of features.

Digital NOTAM Trial

In order to create a standard Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM 5) in Europe and USA, this project was born to transform standard aeronautic notes “Notice to Air Men” (NOTAM) to a science technology language understood by computers, based on the general aeronautical model AIXM-XML. About 100 screens (Web page, Pop-up, Tab) and 110 tables are used by 100 users in LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

Digital SNOWTAM Trial

Airlines and other airport users in Europe need accurate and easy to read/visualize information about the status of the runway contamination, for example with snow and ice in Winter operating conditions. The use of the AIXM 5.0 “Surface Contamination” model has the capability to provide this data in a format that enables graphical visualization, automatic conversion from current text SNOWTAM format for basic services and enhanced services through the use of AIXM 5.0 capable data input interfaces.