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AIRM Toolset

Project Scope

The AIRM is the semantic reference for interoperable SWIM data exchange. It is made of several layers:

  • The AIRM Information Model (IM) is used to capture the operational language.
  • The AIRM Consolidated Logical Data Model (CLDM) is used in the context of standardised data exchange following SWIM. This is the core model made of 9 physical models consolidated into 1 that satisfies all the requirements.
  • The Foundation Library contains common copies of ISO standards to be used by models designers (in order to make all the physical models align to the same ISO standard).

The AIRM is a key part of SWIM and the SWIM Compliance Framework. This means that in order to claim compliance, physical models (e.g. within the context of a European ATM specific service) should

  • either derive from the AIRM (for new models)
  • or be mapped back to the AIRM (for existing models).

AIRM is THE global ATM model, an extra conceptual layer that is on top of physical models like AIXM etc.

The AIRM UML Models are modelled in Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA). At the beginning, a set of tools had been created to help Information Architects and Service Architects to perform their information and service modelling work. The tools had been created on an ad-hoc basis and are in various languages – Java, JavaScript and VB script.

Typically these tools enabled:

  • Verification of the AIRM or a sub-set
  • Creation of a model that can be used for mappings
  • Creation of an XML Schema from a compliant UML physical model

Pulsar was asked to replace these tools and to add the possibility to migrate a mapping from one version of the AIRM to another.

Pulsar Tasks

AIRM Toolset analysis & implementation

The existing AIRM related tools needed to be listed and a proposal for the configuration of the "to-be" situation needed to be made before tasks could be performed

  • Development of the AIRM Toolset including:
    • AIRM Verification Tool, performing a check of the AIRM Model against the AIRM Foundation Rulebook (verification)
    • AIRM Maintenance Tool, allowing bulk updates to the AIRM
  • Development of the AIRM Compliance Toolset including:
    • AIRM Star Generation Tool, generating the AIRM* by “exploding” the AIRM i.e. promoting attributes, roles and tagged values to be UML classes
    • AIRM Compliance Support, generating a “best guess” mapping from the object under assessment to the AIRM*.
    • AIRM Compliance Migration, allowing to migrate a mapping from one version of the models to another.
  • Integration of importing/exporting features from/to MEGA software:
    • Quick description of MEGA involvement at Eurocontrol’s

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  • Sparx System Enterprise Architect
  • Sparx System Enterprise Architect API
  • .net/C#
  • Java
  • XML
  • XSD
  • XLS