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Airport Network Information Model (ANIM)



  • Rational Rose Modeller
  • UML
  • MS-Access

The ANIM activities included the development of an airport network information conceptual model (ANCM) and airport network information exchange model (ANXM).

The purpose of ANCM/ANXM is to address any kind of airport information required for the purpose of ATM network planning and management, covering the whole planning time horizon (at strategic, tactical and pre-operational levels) as well as overall ATM network performance monitoring (key performance indicators and post-operational information). 

The project aimed at developing ANCM/ANXM using the PACS data model as a basis. The project also analysed the interaction with the pre-existing models in AIM, i.e. Aeronautical Information (AIXM), Airport Mapping (AMXM) and MET information (WXXM).

The conceptual model was developed using Rational Rose Modeler. The exchange model was derived from it via Rational Rose scripts. The final delivery included the Rational Rose project files, an HTML publication including the produced UML diagrams, a data dictionary, the model in XMI format, the schema definition in XML formal (*.xsd files), documentation and report.

Main concepts


When an entity already existing in AIXM required some additional attributes for ANXM, then a new class was derived taking these new attributes and inheriting the existing ones. This allowed keeping a clear distinction between the entities pertaining to one model or the other. Note that multiple inheritance is not allowed and inheritance is supported only from Abstract classes, except in the case of extensions.

Colors in Diagrams
The following color convention was used for the ANXM diagrams:

  • light grey background for classes coming from other models (AIXM, WXXM)
  • dark grey background with white font for ANXM classes derived from AIXM classes
  • white background for other ANXM classes

This convention doesn't apply to the existing AIXM diagrams included in the presentation.