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AIXM Facilitator


Based on Pulsar’s extensive experience in the field of AIXM technologies, AIXM Facilitator helps in generating technical parts of AIXM based applications and documentation. The main philosophy of this tool is that it works on data structures.

AIXM Facilitator is not a commercial product in itself. As a Generation Framework, it can be used as a solid base for developing specific AIXM-related Application/Documentation Generators.

AIXM Facilitator uses Pulsar E-R Mapper technology internally and supports the current AIXM 5.x Rational Rose UML Model and makes it ready to support future versions of the model, including AIXM Extensions and even other independent domain related models. 


Unlike other AIXM tools on the market that are based on the AIXM XSD Schemas, AIXM Facilitator uses the AIXM UML Model as a working base. Its ability to apply all necessary transformations and to directly embed dependent XSD Schemas such as Geographic Markup Language (GML) and Geographic MetaData (GMD) makes it a unique tool in the AIXM area.




Most of the power of this tool lies in the fact that all AIXM intelligence has been fully integrated in the core of the generation process. It understands and knows how to handle AIXM meta-model information, like Stereotypes (features, objects, code lists, enums…) and special relationships between <<features>> and <<objects>>.

It also supports the Temporality Concept from the ground up. AIXM Facilitator supports the  most commonly used temporality data model (based on features and timeslices) and is of course able to support any different temporality model that can be encountered.





AIXM Facilitator is also able, whenever relevant, to adapt the AIXM structure to produce a cleaner result, which can be more easily used by developers and end users but can also ends up in faster applications. Adaptations can occur differently on different layers of the generated artifacts, ensuring that each artifact specific needs are fulfilled (performance, ergonomics, ease of use…). Structure flattening is a good example of optimization that can be applied:AIXM-FACIL-5

Another strong key point of AIXM Facilitator is that it allows implementers to generate additional methods and/or text blocks in the resulting artifacts. For example, developers could embed - directly in a template – a method that saves a timeslice in Comma Separated Values (CSV) or applies special processing to specific types of objects.

AIXM Facilitator has been built from the ground up to be easily extended with custom Generators. Thanks to a lightweight Java/Spring architecture and the availability of open interfaces and developer friendly extension points, it can be used to handle a wide variety of needs regarding AIXM concepts.

The whole product architecture is based on a modular approach. Any number and any kind of input/transformation and output modules can be chained together to build a complete AIXM solution:


Its Velocity Template Based Generation Engine makes it able to generate all kinds of artifacts: Java, JavaScript, C#, SQL, HTML, Word Documents, Wikis…

The templates are text based and, as such, can be easily customized to suit each organization and/or team needs:


Key Facts

  • Generation Framework
  • Works on AIXM structures
  • Entity-relationship mapping
  • Built-in AIXM knowledge
  • Temporality Concept support
  • Multi-model support
  • Incremental model updates
  • Meta-config for repeatable builds
  • Template based generator
  • Modular and lightweight
  • Easily extensible
  • Developed in Java



AIXM Facilitator is a set of loosely-coupled and fully tested AIXM modules, model converters and helpers. When used together those modules can generate a wide variety of deliverables such as application layers, wikis, documentation… that can be easily integrated in custom applications: