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AMHS - ATS Message Handling System

CIDIN 1 & 2

The CIDIN (Common ICAO Data Interchange Network) is a data network implemented and used by the Air Traffic Services Oragnisations.The CIDIN project, for Eurocontrol, involved the development of an application for the management of one of Eurocontrol's telecommunications networks.
This network links all different COM centres, as well in Europe (Internal COM) as in the whole world (External COM).

CIDIN 2: integration in the GID platform (keeping existent applets) and enhancement of the existent CIDIN 1 application, based on the new user requirements.




Upgrade of the current CIDIN Management application to include new AMHS functions (ATS Messaging Handling Services). Two types of new AMHS functions are to be implemented:

  • AMF-I functions: AMHS Offline Management Functions – Implementation
  • AMF-O functions: AMHS Offline Management Functions – Operations