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pulsar, pulsar consulting


Naast onze algemene ervaring hebben we specifieke businesstechnologische & infrastructuur expertise ontwikkeld. 







In deze sectie vindt u informatie over onze expertise in de volgende sectoren:





We hebben een technologische expertise ontwikkeld in de volgende domeinen:

  • Operating Systems
  • Methodologies
  • Technological Partnerships & Development Languages
  • Databases
  • Web Servers
  • Open Source Frameworks
  • Protocols & Standards
  • Client side languages & libraries




Onze infrastructuur experts (IT Infra) kunnen u helpen met:

  • general activities: email, domain authentication, network file sharing, website, DNS, etc.
  • specific activities: development environments, huge and regular back-ups, technological investigations and prototypes, many OSs and servers types, virtualization, 3-Tiers architectures, different databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL, SQL Server, etc), tens of millions of database transactions by months (Assurcard), industrial devices, etc.
  • all operations needed to make everything function: installation and maintenance of servers, hosting databases and applications, back-up procedures, manage disk space, install IT environments, connecting devices, automatically.