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pulsar, pulsar consulting



  • XML
  • XML Schema
  • XSLT
  • Schematron
  • detailed knowledge of the AICM/AIXM specifications
  • UML
  • structured editing using DocBook DTD

 Project Scope 

  • xNOTAM XML schema design analysis
    • based on the mapping between AIXM and the NOTAM Selection Criteria, provided by the Proof of Concept study, identify additional features, feature attributes and feature associations to be added in AIXM
    • propose a schema structure which would allow to avoid having two separate DataType sub-schema components, one used for AIXM-Update and one for AIXM-Snapshot
    • propose a schema structure that would allow local extensions of the AIXM schema
    • evaluate the possibility to include GML geometrical features (point, line, polygon) as optional child elements of a selected list of AIXM features
    • evaluate the possibility to expand the use of CRC in AIXM
    • evaluate the proposed high level xNOTAM schema structure
  • Update the AIXM Primer document in order to reflect the xNOTAM Schema Design Principles
    • convert current version of the AIXM Primer document into an XML document conforming to DocBook DTD
    • use the converted document as the basis for the deliverable
  • Develop AIXM business rules validation schema
    • develop configurable Schematron validation rules for all AICM business rules
    • improve support for CRC
  • Develop a subset of the new xNOTAM schema, covering a selected list of features:
    • supported features: Dpn, Vor, Dme, Tcn, Ndb, Rsg, Rte, Rsu, Ase, Abd, Aac, non-AIXM feature (necessary to support, for example, NOTAM amending text/graphics in the AIP)
    • create a set of 40 xNOTAM message samples