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Définition d'architecture informatique

Production du document présentant l’architecture globale. Le document contient des diagrammes, des explications et les flux de données de l’application.

Documents associés (en anglais):

ARCREQ-< Client>-< Project>-[Topic]-[Doc_Version].doc (Path: < Project>\Docs\Request&Proposal) Document containing all the needs in terms of System Architecture, including diagrams and explanations. (A General Diagram, and if needed, detailed diagrams.) 

ARCREQ- DIAGRAM < Client>-< Project>-[Topic]-[Doc_Version].vsd (Path: < Project>\Docs\Request&Proposal\ ARCREQ-Design) The MS-Visio diagrams (screenshots in the doc are made from these diagrams) 

TASK -< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project\Docs\Pulsar Internal) Distribution of the tasks across the team, 

ENH-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project\Docs\Request&Proposals) Listing of the known future enhancements (that means specifying what’s outside the scope of the project). 

PROJ-PLAN-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].mpp (Path: < Project>\Docs\Request&Proposal) Planning of the project (Example: MPP file), often in Gantt-Chart form, including if needed the resource allocation. 

PROP-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].doc (Path: < Project>\Docs\Request&Proposal) Proposal document, explaining Pulsar’s skills & Methodology, examples of other similar projects, answers to specific requests of the requirements, project proposal (budget and planning), etc. 

QUES-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project\Docs\Request&Proposals) Listing of all the questions that are raised during the project and needs to be asked to the client 

DELIV-LIST-< Client>-< Project>-[Doc_Version].xls (Path: < Project\Docs\Request&Proposals) Listing of the deliverables to be delivered to the client at the end of the project.